Eco-Friendly Solution for a Modern World - A Step Closer to a Cleaner Environment

We only have one earth and if we do not take care of it, no one will. There are still many people who do not keep our environment in mind while shopping. It is time for each one of us to step up to make a real change.


“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

                                    ~Anna Marie Bonneau - The Zero Waste Chef


Before we begin, here are some Cold Key Facts of Plastic Pollution

Source : Green Peace

  • About 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been produced since the 1950s – the weight of roughly a billion elephants or 47 million blue whales.
  • Up to 12.7 million tons of plastic enters the oceans every year.
  • Only about 9% of this plastic has been recycled, 12% has been burned and the remaining 79% has ended up in landfills or the environment.
  • Up to 9 of 10 seabirds[11], 1 in 3 sea turtles[12]and more than half of whale and dolphin species have ingested plastic.
  • Drink companies alone produce over 500 billion single-use plastic bottles annually.
  • Annual plastic production has skyrocketed since the early 1950s, reaching 322 million tons in 2015. This does not include synthetic fibers used in clothing, rope and other products which accounted for 61 million tons in 2016. It is expected that plastic production will continue to increase, likely doubling by 2025.

We are all aware of the growing impact of plastic on our environment. Plastic sticks around in the environment for ages, threatening wildlife and spreading toxins. It also contributes to global warming. It’s time for us to consider our carbon footprints and make a conscious decision to use eco-friendly products.

To reduce the waste and improve our daily habit to make our earth a better place to leave we can start using biodegradable eco-friendly products, there are multiple eco-friendly products easily available.

What do you exactly mean by Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Product?

Well, Eco-friendly products are products that are less harmful for the environment than their regular counterparts. Biodegradable refers to the ability of materials to break down and return to nature. To qualify as biodegradable, they must completely break down and decompose into natural elements within a short time after disposal – typically a year or less.


Let us look at Eco Friendly Kitchen products that you can start using as soon as today and save the environment while at it.


Reusable Sandwich bags :  We can start by simply replacing plastic Ziploc bags with reusable snack bags. These bags are Lead-free, PVC free, BPA free, and no latex. They are fully functional, self-sealing storage bags. A great alternative to single use plastic bags.

Reusable Sandwich Bag

Reusable Beeswax Wraps:  When it comes to covering food the best alternative to plastic wrap is Bees Wrap. This is an eco-friendly wrap made from organic cotton infused with sustainable harvested  beeswax, jojoba oil, tree resin. This wrap is washable, reusable, and compostable.

Bee's Wrap

Bamboo Reusable Paper Towels: Made from sustainable certified organic bamboo, each roll comes with 20 perforated sheets. They can be washed by hand or machine and are reusable up to 120 times before discarding. They are stronger, more absorbent, and durable than regular paper towels. They are greatly useful for small spills, floor spills, dusting, house cleaning, car cleaning, as napkins and more

Reusable Paper Towel

Silicone Stretch Covers: The best alternative to cling wraps or aluminum foil is the  Silicone Stretch lids. Easy to use, they can be used repeatedly and are dishwasher and freezer safe,  significantly reducing plastic waste. They come in circle and square shapes with different sizes to cover almost every container!

Silicone Stretch Covers

Compostable Trash Bags: The compostable trash bags is made of plant starch material (PSM), which can be broken down by microorganisms in nature without causing damage to the environment. These are odorless, non-toxic, plus good for the environment. Store these bags in cool dry places.

Compostable Trash Bags

Eco- Friendly Bamboo Kitchen Dishcloths:  This kitchen wash towel set is made of 99% Bamboo, Two-ply bamboo dish cloths have high absorption and scrubbing power, Bamboo fabric is naturally sustainable and soft to the touch. these truly absorbent washcloths are attractive and practical kitchen helpers.

Bamboo Kitchen Dish Cloth

Reusable Grocery Bags:  These reusable grocery bags are very handy and are reinforced with bias tape which makes them hold heavy weights safely. They come in different cute designs for you to choose from and are easily folded into pocket-size pouches. 

Reusable Grocery Bags

Natural Plant-Based Scrub Sponge for Kitchen and Bathroom: With this green cellulose cleaning sponge you could save landfills and keep the planet safer, while protecting your kitchen, bathroom and the entire house from bacteria, chemicals, or toxins.

Natural plant Based Scrub

Natural Bamboo Dish Scrub Brush: Bamboo Scrub Brush Are Made from Sustainable Harvested and Renewable Bamboo.  It is the best alternative to sponge that takes Hundreds of Years to Decompose. A set of three will have you covered for all your kitchen cleaning needs.

Dish Scrub Brush

Compostable Wooden Cutlery:  It has always been easy to grab a plastic fork or spoon to work or at school, now let us take a conscious step to grab a compostable one. These compostable cutleries are made from natural birch wood. Perfect for outdoor gatherings, picnics and camps.

300 Wooden Cutlery

Sustainable Palm Leaf Party Plates and Bowls:  Made from fallen palm leaves, these plates and bowls are eco- friendly, biodegradable, and compostable. No trees are harmed in the process.  Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are also incredibly sleek too.

Palm Leaf Plates and Bowls

These are some of the few eco-friendly options which are durable, reusable, less toxic, less resource-intensive, and safer for the environment, wildlife, and people. Plus, using eco-friendly products will not only help protect our planet  but will also inspire our kids to learn to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.


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