How we process our Eco-friendly Products?

How we process our Eco-friendly Products?

This world is filled with fake claims and flashy gimmicks. It is easy to claim a product is sustainable if no one checks their process. Don’t fall for these green washing tricks. Holding the COP26 was not enough. That is why at Raj Eco-Friendly, we believe in transparency and sustainability. Our Eco-Friendly products are harvested from palm leaves that have fallen to the ground naturally. The tree is not cut in the process. 

This article will describe our process from raw material sourcing to the final product. It is important to us and our customers.

Plates and Bowls

These products are made from the naturally fallen leaves of the Areca Palm tree. These trees can be found in southern India. That is where our factory is located as well in a place called Tamil Nadu. We source our leaves from multiple places throughout south India in order to find fallen leaves. The most important thing for us is that no trees are cut down in the process.


The first step after picking up the leaves is that we pressure wash them and rinse them to remove any clinging dirt. Each plate comes from nature and as a result has an inherently unique design to it. Every Single plate is different. That is why we use the center portion of the leaves because the texture is the most unique. These plates are also extremely sturdy. The fallen leaves that we pick are from palm trees that are at least 60 years old. The younger trees  do not have thick enough leaves. This is important because it prevents spills or leakage unlike other flimsy alternatives on the market today.

We then process them using machinery to press and shape the plate. These products are environmentally friendly and chemical free.  Next, we put the plates through a UV light and steam disinfection machine. This makes sure there is no bacteria or mold in any of our plates. You cannot trust any old palm plate. It needs to be sanitized because it comes directly from nature. Lastly, they are packaged in groups of 25 pieces and shrink wrapped for shipping. 


Raj Eco-Friendly products are amazing for parties, weddings, and outdoor events. They are sturdy and sustainable. Their unique design is one of their best features as they tend to be a conversation starter as well.

Qusai Bhaijeewala is an environmental professional with a master’s degree in Environmental Science & Management. He has done multiple projects in sustainability and renewable energy in Los Angeles, Nicaragua, and Nepal. Additionally, Qusai has a degree from both UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara, where he also conducted research on sustainability and Oil Spill Response.




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I just watched your video and it says they are pressure washed and then dyed, what do you dye them with?

Taylor August 01, 2023

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