What to consider when buying Sustainable Palm Dinnerware?

What to consider when buying Sustainable Palm Dinnerware?

There are so many products out there that it can be difficult to know which one is actually sustainable? It is even harder to know companies that are not skipping important steps. This guide will help you determine whether a certain palm plate is worth buying or not?

In general, palm plates offer an elegant, sustainable, and biodegradable option compared to disposable plastic plates. They are truly a win for the environment. But are all palm plates made the same, the answer is not at all. There are many companies out there that skip steps or reduce the quality in order to lower their prices.

Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself before you buy:

1) Are these plates sturdy enough and will they hold liquids well?

There are many ways to make palm plates, but the only way to find the leaves that are sturdy enough is to acquire the fallen leaves of palm trees that are at least 60 years old. Younger trees do not have thick enough leaves. 

2) Have these plates been properly disinfected?

Palm plates come directly from nature. If a plate is not property sanitized by UV light and steam, then it can still have microorganisms or mold. 

3) Are the plates pressure washed and rinsed?

This is important because of dirt. Sometimes, the dirt can cling to plates. Pressure washing is a must.

4) Do they cut the tree in order to get the leaves?

If they cut the tree to get the leaves, it becomes an unsustainable way to produce these leaves. Make sure your plates come from naturally fallen leaves.

5) Where do the plates come from?

It is important to know where a plate comes from. Some places have the perfect climate for palm trees. However, some places are not and palm is still grown there. This is not sustainable and can cause a higher carbon footprint overall.

Use these questions to help guide your decision. The environment is important and so is your special event, choose the product that checks all these boxes to make sure you are not  compromising on either priorities. You can learn more about sustainability at rajeco.com.


Qusai Bhaijeewala is an environmental professional with a master’s degree in Environmental Science & Management. He has done multiple projects in sustainability and renewable energy in Los Angeles, Nicaragua, and Nepal. Additionally, Qusai has a degree from both UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara, where he also conducted research on sustainability and Oil Spill Response.

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